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RIP Jack... I am so very sorry to hear that Jack has passed but happy at the same time, as his suffering in the last time of his life is gone. Some of us know just what misery Jack and his loving family went through. Jack, we pray that you are well and hope you make it through those darn gates..


To Jack's Family I am sorry for your loss, if there is anything that I can possibly do to help you and the family please call, write, or just plain yell..

While Jack may not have gotten along with everyone, we ALL give a whole big damn about one of our own passing. No matter who we are, we as racers can never know or understand what Jack has done to help Florida Racing.

Hope to hear that everyone whether active or passive on this site at a track this weekend at least once this week so we can all salute one of our own in passing.

To all the rest of us... Lets make this weekend a great one for Florida racing...
Duane Kelley
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