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Default really??

Originally Posted by banzaii View Post
You people are dumb. Everybody hates a winner and that's what Scofield is. He feeds off of this kind of stuff and goes out there and gets it done. Scofield and Jefferson are the 2 most hated drivers in FL. But they will be in the winners circle 8 out of 10 races.
So, explain to me, when Dorer moved him for the lead at a-dale, why didn't this "winner" you call him, just not move Dorer back and win the race????

Maybe it was because Dorer was faster, and if he did not wreck him, Dorer would have got away, and won the race, and "everybody hates a winner".

Maybe us people are dumb, or maybe us dumb people are just feed up with him crashing people!!

Bottom line is he has no problem moving people, but cant stand to be moved, sounds like a one way street to me.
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