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Originally Posted by banzaii View Post
You people are dumb. Everybody hates a winner and that's what Scofield is. He feeds off of this kind of stuff and goes out there and gets it done. Scofield and Jefferson are the 2 most hated drivers in FL. But they will be in the winners circle 8 out of 10 races.

yeah, anyone who doesn't like a high speed demo derby "race" is dumb. I mean... wtf money grows on trees, people heal, cars repair themselves, and most of all the families in the stands especially the kids need to learn how to be un-sportsman like and throw tantrum fits.

Schofield was on a "dump fest" at adale and still didn't put the car in 1st (regardless of the dq) and that was with an all out wreck fest using what I hear to be an illegal spec motor, also using rev limiter set to aid in his timing to let off the throttle (not illegal, just shows the driving style).my understanding is it was basically the same at dosoto, and no winners circle..... must be those 2 races out of 10 that he wouldn't win....interested to see his next race.... I'm sure he will win that one.

I agree he has talent, but I think it ends where his rage starts.
"cant pass em dump em"
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