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the only way that I believe would actually have a possibility of working is if all the SLM drivers went from track to track following a routine...... show up, practice, time trials, and then at the autograph session a "spokesman" for the majority of the SLM drivers announces to the fans that they are all loading up. At that point at any track the owner(s)/ promoters don't have much of an option. either call the race off, or kick him out and put on the show.....

it's not rocket science, but how many feel strong enough to actually do it...?

personally I've only ever paid attention to him 1 time.... and that was a "tell all" for me. it was kind of hard not to notice him that night. It sounds like a repeat happened last weekend.

maybe someone should invent a "racers rehab" for the guys that totally lose their heads once the helmet goes on.... might be pretty lucrative.
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