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Nothing personal with Jake or Scofield. I have met Jake and do respect and like him. My concern is the state of racing in Florida. You are correct when you say it is up to the track to a certain degree but if the tracks are not going to do anything what would be the next step? Quit racing in Florida. I constantly hear and see (look at car counts and fan counts) how dismal racing is becoming in Florida. Florida is one of the greatest hotbeds of sports (football, basketball, etc..) and it should be no different in racing. I love the sport and I want to see it flourish in Florida. I also want to see racing as safe as possible. Unfortunately it seems tracks are afraid to hold drivers behavior to higher standards because they are concerned with car counts. I would like to see the tracks and drivers work together to make Florida racing what it could and should be. I am not an expert but I do not think it takes an expert to see something needs to change in Florida racing.
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