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OldSchool+ 07-14-2016 06:47 AM

Democrat dogs?
So, the president was out jogging in the park one morning and came across a little boy pulling a wagon along with a couple of newborn puppies.

Thinking this would be a great photo opp for the paparazzi, he stopped and said "uuuuuuuuh, whatcha pulling in the wagon there, son?"

"Democrat dogs", the boy replied.

The president broke into a broad smile and said "Well, ummmmm, ummmmm keep up the good work!", and jogged off into the sunrise...

A couple of months later the scenario repeated, and again the president crossed paths with the boy and his puppies in the park. They had grown, of course, and were now playing and getting their leashes tangled up as the boy walked along.

"Good morning, there, son, how are those 'democrat dogs' doing this morning?" inquired BHO.

"They are fine, but they are republican dogs, sir" said the boy.

"But the last time you said they were democrat dogs" questioned the pres...

"Well sir" came the reply "they were, but now their eyes are open!"


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