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Default Forever missed........

Without a doubt Mr. Huffer, only the good die young.
My time with Steve was short lived but he will always be one of my best friends. We would stand out there in the pits, slap mosquitos and drink a cold pepsi after the races until two, three and four on a Sunday mourning discussing the nights events or talking about what he wanted to do with the track. His dreams were big and small, but he always had a hand shake or a hug for me when we would finely call it a night.

My fondest memory was the night he let promote have a fifty lap race for the bomber division. We only had fourteen cars show up for the main event. I thought we lost money.
After everyone had left for the night, I walked up to him and appologized for a "not so good of a turn out". He smiled and said "Damn man, if you ever want to promote another race like that, don't hesitate. We sold seven hundred cheesburgers. We made money!!" Then he gave me a very appreciative hug. That one night will forever be the best night I have ever felt appreciated by a true friend.

Thank you Steve. I'll see you soon.

p.s. I still have the headers on my truck that he had on his race car the night he left us.
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