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Default Nostalgia...

Back in the 60s, Cup cars were street cars (sometimes with windows and doorhandles) with a big motor and heavy duty suspension and driveline components.

And "late models" were also based on street cars, typically '64 Chevelles, with similar modifications.

Short track purses were probably similar given inflation (that is, short...), and Cup purses were closer to short track money for most of the field.

Additionally, in order to get to the "Grand National" (now Cup) Division, a guy typically had to work his way up through hobby stock and late model divisions.

The point to all of that? Back in the day, as seen through my rose colored memory-glasses, the Governor's Cup at Golden Gate was a Big Deal.

A NASCAR-level short track event.

Cars would come from all over the nation & Canada. There was pageantry galore, and introductions, and trophy girls, and pit stops.

Today's cars all look identical. They have to, as they have to meet template profiles.

Still, a great event, and a daytime event.

And the past is gone, but we still have racing, and it's today.

And now, gonna get ready and get out of here to head to New Smyrna!

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