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Originally Posted by herpderp View Post
don and tunafish, can't you see that Mr. bone runs rings around both ofg you? it is funny to watch you two try and insult him, but he could care less! you both look like idiots because all you do is throw pathetic insults to someone who does not bother you in any way.

It makes everyone think this site is nothing but idiots because you to act like such babies. btw: I find bone's posts much more interesting than the nonsense you both write. at least he has a great sense of humor! you two...forget it!

just saying!! Go bone!
Know what idiot, when it comes to being not very bright, you win the prize. You claim you been around here for a long time, and all I do is throw insults at poor little Boney?? He's the idiot that called me a liar 2 yrs ago about something he knew nothing about. And then when no-ones around he tries to come up and shake my hand, what a coward. He goes from cry baby to being the biggest supporter of a track of anyone on here. Another one of these morons that if you send a private pm to he goes on here public with it. Thank you herpies for being an idiot, I have another one to make fun of now!!!
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