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Hey Fred,

Thatís a great story about you, your brothers and your dad, thanks for sharing it. Nothing against the young lions of the sport but at this stage of my life Iím always glad to hear of the accomplishments of the Geriatric crowd.

The last two sentences in your post about your dad were AWESOME to hear! I donít know your dad but by the sound of things you couldíve bought him a vacation trip around the world and it wouldnít have meant as much to him as what you did for him at Disney.

Kudos to you and your family for providing the vehicle to get him back involved with something he loves!

BTW, if you donít mind, and excuse my ignorance but what is his name? Now that I know some of his background Iíd like to follow his finishes & accomplishments.

Also, are you and your brothers still racing?

Back to the Petty Experience deal, I would recommend it to anyone, young, old, male, female, it doesnít matter. If you like racing, youíll love this experience. It is well worth the time & money.

Speaking of the Geriatric crowd, Iíve got one more story regarding our experience this trip at Daytona.

As I mentioned, each group of drivers / ride-alongs that go through the program have to attend a class that lasts about an hour prior to your going out onto the track. In my class, out of about 45 people were two females, both of which had signed up to drive. (The instructor had asked at the get-go for a raise of hands for those that had signed up to drive).

One was a lady that looked to be in her early 60ís with snow white hair. She sorta looked like Maude in the old comedy series of the same name that used to be on TV in the 70ís. When I saw her raise her hand at the show of drivers I was surprised but tickled that she had the hudspa to strap in that thing on the driverís side.

The other gal by contrast was in her 20ís and a real looker. Not to go into a lot of graphic detail cause I have a certain reputation to maintain (funny huh?) but you know what I mean. Itís the type that when she walks into the room she immediately grabs the attention of all the males that are hard-wired correctly? (Sorta like Milka Duno).

The process for the drivers is that they only take one or two at a time out on the track depending on how many ride-alongs there are. The object is of course to keep the cars stretched-out as much as possible to avoid wrecks.

That gives everybody else a chance to watch each-other on the track while youíre milling around in the pits waiting your turn.

Of course when the two ladies went out for their drives (which were at separate times) all of us guys were lined up at the pit wall like Crows on a fence whereas I fully expected the younger one to drive around pegged to the instructorís back bumper while the older lady mightíve run around there at 50 MPH.

NADA! It was just the opposite!

It was funny as he!! to watch the looker run around there at 45-50 MPH while the instructor steadily blinked the green light at her to come up to speed and catch up while Maude zoomed around there flat on the floor glued to the instructorís bumper! (Come to think of it, maybe that was M. Duno huh?)

Anyway, thatís it.

Thanks again Fred for the follow-up and good luck to your dad in his revived racing career!

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