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Default Maximum Density, Inc. are so thick, you can't even recognize humorous sarcasm even when it bites you in your remoras.

RSB.....loved it, brau.

Wingman....always remember the rule about rasslin' with pigs.

EZ....that was actually pretty dang funny and I'm sure the Frassonator thinks so too.

Sharkbait....(just for the record)...where did you see an "apology" or even an "acceptance" of an apology? Also....and I may just research this later if I have the time to waste...I believe it was you who told everybody that Rex came up to you at the track and wanted to "bury the hatchet" I wrong? I'm pretty sure I'm not so I'll stand by Wingers observation of your lacking of manliness.

That is unless you would like to issue an apology to eveyone on here for being a D-bag and all.

We won't hold our breath.
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