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Originally Posted by UREZ2PASS View Post
Here Jerry cut and paste this for your apology, I'm just trying to help.

VSP, I am very sorry I bashed your track on the internet. It was wrong of me to do so and wrong of me to complain without researching the facts. Please forgive me for my mistake. I know track bashing on the internet hurts our sport and it is not the proper way to handle complaints. I should have called the track manager with my complaint to seek resolve. I now know that the car count would have been explained and I would not have looked like a donkey on the internet.
Jerry, you have no right to voice your displeasure! This is NOT a free country and by you voicing your displeasure,you're going to ruin stock car racing throughout the state and possibly the entire country!! You are NOT allowed to BASH. If you must BASH, move to another country. NOW!
I am the only one that is allowed to say ANYTHING negative(excluding LCS) and If I feel like it, I will. AND I don't give a @#^%@ what anyone thinks about it, whether it's on a message board or not. BUT, I do love everybody.

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