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Originally Posted by Frasson118 View Post
Sunbelt Series... GONE
Southern Sportsman Series... GONE
Florida Mini-Stock Challenge... GONE
Goodyear Modified Series... GONE
Columbia Motorsports Park... you were removed
Fascar... you were removed
Speedfest... moved to Gresham, as I recall the other series officials not wanting any further dealings with you
Crash-A-Rama... don't know the details, but it seems as though Moe has much more to do with it than you do

Tell me again (and all the others you think you are fooling) how great of a job you did in this area. All I see is a trail of destruction, burned bridges, and legal actions.

Too late to play the saint now Don...
here is what you left out that i can think of to help you out

Desoto speedway
East bay nationals
Alburndale speedway
lakeland interstate speedway
Orlando speedworld
Atomic speedway
St Augustine speedway
Unites Stockcar Allince
Hooters Super latemodels
Hooters pro cup
jackaroo sportsman
sure there are more just cant think of them
i was removed or fired from
1St Agustine speedway
2 Atomic speedway
Still the owner of crash a rama and Moe has nothing to do with that.

Now for you what have you given to racing other than time on your Keyboard and run your mouth. Of all the cry babbys on here at least you tryed to do a gathering in the parking lot a speedweek thii it got to tough.woopie do.
Try giving all you have House kids heart then call names till then kiss my@ss.
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