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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
And for the record Tuna(Don), you can call Kim @ NSS and ask her...I asked for your number on Saturday because I has some bug problems in my beach rentals....but then I thought about all the nice things you had said to me about my gene pool and parents being such losers thru your pm's and I thought.......hmmmm, I wrote a $1,800 check to someone else gladly for the year......He was done in 4 hours and I probably won't see him again till next year...You definately know what your doing!!!!
$1,800 for a yr? you're not as bright as i thought you were!!! I dare say you never saw $1,800 in one place in your life. And you really surprise me, I have NEVER sent you a private PM. So now I have to call you a liar!!! Oh, I have NEVER said anything negative about Kim. Oh, by the way, I'm glad you didnt call , I wouldn't of had to say no!! And Frasson, I'm not aware of doing anything to you but you can kiss my ass too!!!!
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