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yep jerry its all my falt and it allwase will be . And people like you and rex will never admit that it got worse when i left and the mng stared to take the the crybabbys advise. there were 25 cars in the pits from 90 and he was blaming it on papper in the bathrooms. Your still blaming it on me after 3 years. Grow up.
when i came to NSS-1999 there were 34 cars that night .We got the car count to over 100 in 2 years.Read the pit wall #s or did they paint over it? when i quit running the weekly show Terry took over and it went to 60 cars. then kim brown and her board friends fixed everything i screwed up and it went to a all time low of 22. Im sure thats my falt.
Hope they keep listening to the crybabby on here to fix it.

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