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If that's the weekly show, that's what i call a full schedule. You'll have to start qualifying at 3 in the afternoon if you're gonna get through all those classes each night.
Kids under 16 might run the big track???? Kids under 16 should be restricted to watching races from the stands. Didn't learn anything from the Auburndale incident i take it.
Decades ago when Sport Allen, Jeff Gordon, BJ McCleod, and some other young kids started racing alongside the grownups and doing well, it was a novelty, produced a lot of press, and brought in fans. As more and more young kids started racing, the novelty began to wear off. Now, with 12 and 14 year olds being almost the norm in Super Lates, i wonder if the fans are thinking stock car racing can't take very much skill because the little kids are beating the grownups. Just one more reason people aren't buying tickets to the races anymore.
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