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Originally Posted by 62minikrew View Post
Nathan thank you i will take that as threat . i have never raced against you . i was lucky enough to race against real racers like robby yocum ,richy powers, rob wheatly, danny bucanan,bill bucanan,frank colman. i could go on. i called you on your track bashng because if you don't get your way you bash the track i/e citus ,bronson it don't feel good do's it? i'll put this to bed now point made. p/s tracks are having a hard enough time if you don't like a track ace some where else and keep your trap shut
I call it like I see it, just because you are a sheepie in the flock doesn't mean that I am. A spade is a spade and that's the way its called. Bronson is run by a total moron and Citrus isn't better. Those are the facts, I don't know what to tell you if you are unable to digest it. The only points you have made is that you have drank too much of the Kool Aid, like to hide behind a screen name and are the reason why some tracks are run like a traveling circus. Give me a call when you want to man up and talk to me face to face.
Nathan Florian
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