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Originally Posted by MiniRacer26 View Post
I was never found illegal and had the engine pulled down. You are obviously nothing more than another case of "sour grapes" that I beat. It thrills me that people still make excuses for me waxing their asses three years ago. I know who you are and have your phone number, address, etc, so the screen name doesn't matter.....Bill Roberson who? I have never even heard of you! Another guy with zero talent that tried to justify getting beat by claiming others are cheating. You are a pitiful shame...and if you want to continue this conversation on a back road somewhere I will be happy to do so. My telephone number is listed below. Thanks and have a great day loser =)
Nathan thank you i will take that as threat . i have never raced against you . i was lucky enough to race against real racers like robby yocum ,richy powers, rob wheatly, danny bucanan,bill bucanan,frank colman. i could go on. i called you on your track bashng because if you don't get your way you bash the track i/e citus ,bronson it don't feel good do's it? i'll put this to bed now point made. p/s tracks are having a hard enough time if you don't like a track ace some where else and keep your trap shut

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