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Originally Posted by 62minikrew View Post
I was there the night the track pulled your front springs no money or points and you havent ran ministock at citrus again nuf-said now whos drinkin the Kool Aid

WRONG! I came back and ran several times in 2011 with a Modified Mini Stock AND Mini Stock. I also ran a few races in 2012. You sir are not only drinking the Kool Aid but also fall into that "ignorant" category. I have nothing to prove in a Mini Stock at Citrus County Speedway, been there done that against 25+ cars a night and have the trophy to prove it...something you will NEVER have lol. I have an axe to grind with any track owner who lies, is crooked and is biased towards others. Who are you anyways? My name and number is listed below when you decide to come out from behind the screen name.
Nathan Florian

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