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Originally Posted by owm61 View Post
TUNA I don't no if it is a complaint. well kinda sorta. I guess all the members over at FLORIDA FLAG STAND raised enough hell they had you're butt ejected within 1 hour of the time you were logged in yesterday under CODE NAME DEW. now MR DON WOODSOME. WHY would you go to that site. where there is a lot of former members that at one time were here till you ran them off. that is just to funny.are you that ate up with man. I asked them all to cum back here the other day. I told them it just wasn't the same. They pretty much responded WHEN HELL FREEZE'S so do yourself a favor leave them cats alone. they want nothing to do with ya.

I've been on that site for over 2 years! What did I ever do to you?? It wasnt ALL THE MEMBERS, it was 8 out of??????
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