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I just wanted to add a few more comments about Billy Gill, the man, in his memory.

Back during the peak of our rivalry at Sunshine Speedway, a time when he and I typically only communicated in times of anger, Billy the man stepped up to help during the worst event that occurred in me and my wife, Linda’s life.

This is a few of several articles that appeared during that time where Billy along with Dave Shook, a multitude of other drivers, crew members, fans, the Girls Racing Association, Sunshine Speedway Promoter Dan Jones and others stepped up to the well to help us as well as several of our son’s motocross competitor’s and families literally giving up their blood to do the same.

This was a life-changing event for us personally but it also opened my eyes to the human & ‘giving’ side of others. This memory, the memory of Billy Gill the man, is the memory I have carried since that time of him and will stay with me forever.

Thanks again Billy.
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