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Default Close enough...

Originally Posted by Flowers42 View Post
Mr. Jim , after rereading the article i realize that i missed it by at least 30 yrs , o'well maybe at least somebody got a good chuckle out of my ignorance.
Flowers42 – My advice to you is never worry about making a mistake. Heck I was sending people up I-75 awhile back to get their butts back to NY until Todd thumped me behind the ear and woke me up to the fact that I was sending them to Michigan instead!

Like the old saying goes; show me someone that doesn’t make any mistakes and I’ll show you someone that doesn’t do anything!

Originally Posted by Todd McCreary View Post
1996 ?

Eau Gallie / Melbourne closed in 1978.

as far as the year, i didn't go to all of his races back in the 70s. Kenny Snodgrass being 14 makes me think it might be ... earlier than 75? i wouldn't even have been 10 yet.
Close enough!

Here is the cover of the October, 23, 1975 issue of Florida Raceweek that the article appeared in.

BTW thanks for posting the year Eau Gallie / Melbourne actually closed. I was thinking it was in the early 80’s for some reason.
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