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OK boys & girls Dave has this one nailed. It was 1974! Congrats!

Here is the Promo without the dates blanked-out. As you can see, 1974 was the only year in that decade that the 23rd & 24th fell on Saturday & Sunday respectively.

This was also Dick Bennick’s second year on WTOG – Channel 44 in St. Petersburg as the popular Dr. Paul Bearer. He played the role on into the early 90’s on Channel 44.

I don’t think this Tournament of Thrills segment shot at A-Dale was ever aired on ABC’s Wide World of Sports though. If it was, I can’t locate it in their archives.

Hey Dave, while you’re poking around down here with us older guys, can you help me out with an ID for THIS RACER?

I posted it previously with the no responses so hoping that the ‘master historian’ can help me out here.

Thanks man!
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