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Default sunshine speedway{opinions}

don't we all wish sunshine speedway was still right here in the Pinellas county area? everyone around here that liked racing could go and have fun on Sunday nights with out going out of town to watch racing but now look were we are now. we have to travel all the way to Citrus or Ponagorda to go race. the racing might of helped out the economy a little around here but not a lot. racing was a way of life for many people here and on the last night before the light went out at sunshine speedway it changed the way of life that people have become accustom to but now they have to go fishing or something if they want to stay around the pinellas area or they can drive an hour to the racetrack every weekend. racing is fading and i think we need to get a new track running here soon more local than an hour or two away. i know the state wont let us have sunshine back but maybe we can get another track and have just as much racing fun as we did at sunshine. racing is expensive because iv been in it and so has my father Jack Caffee but just maybe people can come back and go racing like the old days.

tell me what you guys think
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