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OldSchool+ 05-12-2019 07:03 AM

New Smyrna 5/11/19
They had Sportsman racing at NSS on Saturday night and it was a pretty good race.

Especially the first eleven laps or so, which had Earl Beckner fighting with Preston Hunt, followed by Jason Vail and Jeff Scofield. A four car pace-lap-formation deal.

Earl and Preston were running crate motors (I believe) and Vail and Scofield built motors.

Along the way the early leaders seemed to run out of tires and the Scofield and Vail got to be stronger.

Vail got seriously crossed up coming out of two and Scofield even more so trying to miss him, but both saved it.

Shortly thereafter, Scofield suffered a left front flat, a caution followed, and Scofield returned with new rubber.

There were only a handful of cars on the lead lap at this point, and Scofield beat Vail through the field, and that was that.

Well, except Vail now shows a "DQ" in the NSS results section.

In other news, for their respective fans, Steve Barnes was right there all night, Patrick Thomas was getting ready for the upcoming race at Citrus, Sean Bass was assisting the Scofield effort, and Don Keithly was running good lap times in practice until the differential lost a bearing.

Additionally, NSS had jugs of go-jo in the pit bathroom! Unfortunately, I did not have a marker to write "Boneman" on the dispenser.

A good night at the track.

zerofor 05-12-2019 12:15 PM

Sounds like a decent night at New Smyrna.I need to get back sometime.Maybe the Governor's Cup will be a good plan.

OldSchool+ 05-12-2019 06:29 PM

ps--and this is a biggie.

Kudos to NSS for speeding up the show and running the Sportsman race earlier than planned.

They got it in, and it did rain soon afterwards.

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