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City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series gets underway this weekend

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  • City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series gets underway this weekend

    City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series
    2010 Season Gets Underway This Weekend
    FASTRAK Racing Series

    2010 FASTRAK Racing Series. All Rights Reserved
    Carnesville, GA (April-2) The third year of the FASTRAK City Chevrolet National Weekly Racing Series begins this weekend across the United States. Not only is $10,000 to the winner at stake, but perhaps even more importantly, the title of FASTRAK/City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series National Champion in what is regarded in many circles as the most competitive dirt track series anywhere in North America.

    “On the basis of how the year end point standings have looked in the last two years I think the City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series has earned the distinction of being the most tightly contested championship in the country” says FASTRAK’s Michael Hurley.

    “In 2008, Pennsylvania’s Max Blair won the City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series national championship by just two points. In addition, if I’m not mistaken, he was the nation’s youngest national champion in any major series. With 700 races in the books in 2008 the championship was decided in the last weekend of the year. On top of that the Top 30 in points were separated by just 45 points. In 2009, with upwards of 700 races once again, the City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series championship came down to the final weekend of the year for the second year in a row where A. J. Diemel in Wisconsin finished tied with Mike Pegher Jr in Pennsylvania. We had to employ the use of the tiebreaker outlined in the FASTRAK rulebook which decides the winner based on a head to head to comparison of total number of wins amongst the drivers deadlocked in points. Should there still be a tie, we then go down the line comparing second place finishes, third and so on until the tie is broken.”

    Hurley goes on to say “What is so unique about the City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series championship is the fact that Pegher Jr and Diemel never competed against one another on the race track throughout the entire year. This championship caters to drivers who race close to home. I think this fact alone is the reason why the City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series has become so popular. Add to that the fact that the championship is based on a driver’s best 15 finishes. This championship doesn’t require a driver to race 30 or 50 times a year either. We had a driver in 2008 from North Carolina who nearly won the championship who raced in just 17 races at his home track. In 2009, Brandon Haley from Lavonia GA almost won the championship in the same manner having never strayed too far from Lavonia Speedway in Lavonia GA”.

    In 2010, the points payout will once again be extended to the Top 50 in the final City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series point standings.

    The 2010 championship battle promises to be even tighter than in previous years due to the fact that in each region of the country, FASTRAK has been diligent in securing more Friday night tracks in close proximately to Saturday night venues enabling race teams more opportunities to race without having to endure the addition expense associated with travel.

    Commenting on Charlotte, NC based City Chevrolet’s involvement with the FASTRAK Racing Series; National Parts Manager Chris Knight said “We’re very excited about our partnership with FASTRAK. Our involvement with the FASTRAK Racing Series has translated into engine sales to customers all over the United States. Our involvement with the FASTRAK Racing Series has worked very well for us and we’re very pleased”

    2010 City Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Payout

    1) 10,000.00
    2) 6,000.00
    3) 4,500.00
    4) 3,250.00
    5) 2,000.00
    6) 1,000.00
    7) 800.00
    8) 775.00
    9) 750.00
    10) 725.00
    11) 700.00
    12) 675.00
    13) 650.00
    14) 625.00
    15) 600.00
    16) 590.00
    17) 580.00
    18) 570.00
    19) 560.00
    20) 550.00
    21) 540.00
    22) 530.00
    23) 520.00
    24) 510.00
    25) 500.00
    26) 490.00
    27) 480.00
    28) 470.00
    29) 460.00
    30) 450.00
    31) 440.00
    32) 430.00
    33) 420.00
    34) 410.00
    35) 400.00
    36) 390.00
    37) 380.00
    38) 370.00
    39) 360.00
    40) 350.00
    41) 340.00
    42) 330.00
    43) 320.00
    44) 310.00
    45) 300.00
    46) 290.00
    47) 280.00
    48) 270.00
    49) 260.00
    50) 250.00

    Partners of the FASTRAK Racing Series Include: Hoosier Racing Tire, GM Performance Parts, City Chevrolet, VP Racing Fuels, ,, NOS Energy Drink, Holiday Inn, Vicci Apparel, T.N.T.Race Cars, Rocket Chassis. Become a FASTRAK PARTNER! Contact FASTRAK at 678-935-7304 for partnership or single event packages.

    *THE FASTRAK SERIES is based on the GM crate engine program using both the 602 and 604 engine types. All teams utilize Hoosier Racing Tire as the “spec tire” brand of the FASTRAK Racing Series allowing team’s tremendous savings in both engine and tire expense. The National Championship of the FASTRAK RACING SERIES is one of the largest in the United States.