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Continuation of Broken Foot story..

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  • Continuation of Broken Foot story..

    This is a continuation of member Darren’s inquiry from another thread found HERE.

    Originally posted by Darren View Post
    Also how did you hurt your foot and how long did you have to drive with the special shoe on it?
    I broke my foot in a construction accident when a concrete slab fell on it. What a pain in the a$$ driving a race car with that thing! Fortunately it was the left foot which made it somewhat easier than if it had been the right one. I was always a ‘2-foot’ driver as opposed to the guys that used their right foot for both the brake and the gas so it was quite a transition for me until I got mad and cut it off.

    Doc was gracious enough to put a ‘soft’ cast on it supposedly where you would have some feel but it was still like having a 2 X 4 at the end of my leg instead of a foot. Since I had no feel in it and I had to use the clutch pedal at least to get in & out of the pits, not to mention restarts, we ended up tying it directly to the clutch pedal so it wouldn’t accidently get over onto the other two pedals.

    I won the next three features three-weeks in a row after I broke it with that thing on at Sunshine but lost the fourth week which I blamed on the 1-foot for both gas & brake thing I had going on. I was supposed to wear the cast for 2-months however I was so upset with losing that 4th. race I cut it off with a hacksaw on the trailer in the pits that night as soon as I got out of the car.

    Here are shots of the other two wins not shown on the original thread:

    My son J.C. with trophy. My dad on the other side of the car.

    Sunshine Speedway Flagman Allen Seeds with trophy. My dad again on the other side.

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