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Jack is gone...

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    RIP Jack... I am so very sorry to hear that Jack has passed but happy at the same time, as his suffering in the last time of his life is gone. Some of us know just what misery Jack and his loving family went through. Jack, we pray that you are well and hope you make it through those darn gates..


    To Jack's Family I am sorry for your loss, if there is anything that I can possibly do to help you and the family please call, write, or just plain yell..

    While Jack may not have gotten along with everyone, we ALL give a whole big damn about one of our own passing. No matter who we are, we as racers can never know or understand what Jack has done to help Florida Racing.

    Hope to hear that everyone whether active or passive on this site at a track this weekend at least once this week so we can all salute one of our own in passing.

    To all the rest of us... Lets make this weekend a great one for Florida racing...
    Duane Kelley


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      Jack thanks for starting karnac and giving us racers and fans a place we could come to when we wanted to decuss short track racing in florida.
      I know this time isn't easy for the friends and family but remember Jack is in a much better place and he suffers no more. Jack I will see you again one day when it is my turn to walk through the gates of heaven. god bless you and your family Jack.

      Skip honaker


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        Very sad to hear this news. Jack filled a need here in Florida with THE best web-site that covers our local racing news. It was through this site that I had been given opportunities that I would never have had without him. It was Jack that got me on a microphone for the first time (one of the radio shows), and talked me through the nervousness ( I was damn near sick) to be able to speak for about 2 hours on a mic. This gave me the courage to put together my passion, the Modified Reunion. Talking to a crowd was something I never would have gotten through without him. On top of that, he hauled all the equipment to the first 2 Reunions... at least a 3 hour drive each way... just to support my efforts. I will always be grateful to him for that.

        He also set me up with Karnac credentials to cover some out-of-town races. Jack & Karnac are not only known in Florida, but they are recognized in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, as well as New York. This speaks volumes for the man he was, and the work he did.

        But the biggest thing Jack gave me.... was all of YOU. I can't count how many friendships I have throughout the state, that would not... could not... happen if it wasn't for this site.

        Jack and I had our share of screaming matches, but far more often, we had a heartfelt handshake, and a respect for what each other stood for. We're both passionate people about our sport, and that mattered more than anything else.

        The world is a better place because of Jack Smith. I will never forget him, and will always appreciate his contributions to our sport. He will be missed greatly. Best Wishes to his family and friends. We all lost a good man....


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          Thank you Jack for your work to start and continue this site. I've only talked to Jack a couple of times,but I have made many friends through this site. For that,the legacy will last. Thank you again


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            Three years ago today I lost my Best Friend...I miss you Brother...

            Rick Anges -
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              Has it really been three years already?

              RIP Jack


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                It is odd that in these 3 years, no one has taken over as the next Jack Smith. Our local sport would benefit if we had a ground-breaker like Jack was.

                Oh yeah, and I miss our debates.



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                  Carry on brother

                  Originally posted by Rick Anges View Post
                  Three years ago today I lost my Best Friend...I miss you Brother...
                  You are the man to fill in the gap .


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                    Tribute to Jack!



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                      Tribute 2 for Jack!



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                        More memories of Jack!



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                          It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since I lost my best friend...

                          Rick Anges -
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                            Sorry about your loss.

                            A Blessing though, to have had a best friend.

                            Most folks I know have "friends" that cannot be really trusted and who pass through their lives like seasons in a year.

                            I have been pals with my best friend since we were kids, but he is slowly fading away of his own doing, and it is a heartbreak even though he is still here...

                            Like my Dad, I visit knowing it may be some of the last times together.

                            Of course, they both may outlive me.

                            Open message: We all are busy doing "tough guy" stuff. Have someone you love? Make sure to remember to tell them you love them.
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