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    My point is that you guys are wasting out time on here. He doesn't need fans to show up, pay his entry fees and go racing. Are you gonna stop buying from his merchandise Trailer so he can't afford to race? Oh that's right this isn't the cup series and people don't get to race based solely on how much money or how many fans they bring in.


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      well.... I think NOW you may be on the way to understanding what the original poster said.....

      obviously HE doesn't need fans to show up and buy merchandise, nor does HE need competitors. (From what I've seen of view he doesn't like competition anyways)

      the track however DOES need racers and fans. This would be the reasoning for someone to want to show the track(s) that if his recent actions continue that the racers and fans alike will diminish.

      I thought it was pretty simple concept to understand to begin with


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        Such short memories, I can remember seeing a certain Gary B. that, was a supurb driver, used to see him back up norf. many yrs. back, he went quite far up the ladder, until he got to a level where them kind of antics are not accepted. I can't believe in today's litigious society that crap is still allowed by any tracks, If I were racing against that guy , my first thing would be an angry letter to the track's insurance carrier, sometimes they have a vested interest in these kinds of things.


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          fighting again

          Was not there, but heard this cat was fighting again at Showtime the other night? I don't think this guy is ever going to stop fighting. I say if you promoters want to sell tickets, let put him in some cage fights on the front stretch, with other drivers, or fans. lol. Vince


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            fix problem

            Originally posted by banzaii View Post
            You people are dumb. Everybody hates a winner and that's what Scofield is. He feeds off of this kind of stuff and goes out there and gets it done. Scofield and Jefferson are the 2 most hated drivers in FL. But they will be in the winners circle 8 out of 10 races.
            stuff his butt in flag stand gate, after couple times he will get message


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              and the saga continues

              Add Dutilly to his list of victims.


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                and the saga never ends....

                Door slams car into inside wall and destroys it, at NSS on 9/26/2015 in Marion Edwards Memorial. Kaz Grala's car destroyed. Track sent Schofield to the rear of the field, there were only 8 cars on the lead lap. After talking to 4 very knowledgeable racers that were at the event, there were racing side by side, Grala slide up into the 07 one time, then the 07 door slammed Grala into the inside wall.

                Also herd he wrecked Atwell at Showtime a few weeks prior?